Thursday, November 24, 2011

BurdaStyle Featured Member Yall!

Happy Turkey Day! I hope right about now everyone is chowing down on their Thanksgiving feast. I sure am. I just wanted to share with you all the Featured Member article about me on Burda. I feel so honored to be recognized in this way. I'm taking a break from my sewing projects, but all of the praise & encouragement and I get from others makes me want to get right back to it asap! Peace & Love! -C.C. 

Friday, August 12, 2011

ReFashion #10

Happy Friday! Today I would like to show you how I refashioned the adorable flower printed skirt I wore in my last post. It wasn't influenced by a trend, but I still think it's super cute! 

Printed Skirt, Goodwill, $6

I started off with this thrifted oversize skirt...

...that I was drawn to because of the pretty flower print.

I used one of my favorite Forever21 skirts as a template for my new skirt.

This skirt has four equivalent panels. 

I measured each side of the panel...

...& transferred the measurement onto some large newsprint. Newspaper works just as well. 

Then I cut my thrifted skirt down one seam... get this. 

I cut off the elastic band...

& then I had a large flat piece of fabric to work with. 

Using the pattern, I cut 4 panels from the fabric & made sure to leave a 5/8 inch seam allowance. 

Here are the four panels. 

I don't have pictures for the rest of the procedure, so I'll just describe what I did: 

I sewed the panels together except for one side seam where a zipper would be inserted. I added some interfacing to the top 2 inches of the skirt and enclosed it in fabric so there would be a stable, defined waistband. The Forever21 skirt has some pleating at the waist, so I added some similar pleats. Lastly, I inserted an invisible zipper at the side seam and finished off the hem. I know this is an extensive refashion. I suppose the reason I get a lil carried away is because I want to transform garments so that ppl will never guess it was thrifted. Have a great weekend everyone! -C.C.

Monday, August 8, 2011


Alas! Here is my bustier top ensemble. Recall that the bustier is from my Project #9 post. I've refashioned this thrifted, flower printed skirt to go along with it. More details about the skirt next post. Also, I'm rockin my current fave accessories, Daniela Alessandra friendship bracelets! -C.C. 


Skirt Detail



Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ReFashion #9

The Trend: The Bustier


Blouson Nior Striped Bra Top w/ Lacing, $360

Marcela Quintanilla: [Abraham is upset about Selena's "Top Outfit"] It's a bustier!
Abraham Quintanilla: Bustiquela? Es un bra!
Marcela Quintanilla: I think she looks cute.

I'm obsessed with bustier tops right now! Not only because they are really cute and tend to come in fun prints, but also because they are perfect for summer weather. It's just been so hot in Florida lately that the only way to get real relief from the heat is to wear clothing that closely resembles undergarments. To get the look I refashioned a bustier tank top that's been sitting in my closet with tags still on it for months. It wasn't thrifted, but I only paid $6 for it. Score! It's made of a faux denim knit fabric. 

Bustier Tank Top, Ross, $6


First I cut it down to the length I wanted. 

Then I zig-zag stitched the raw edge

I folded the edge under, pinned it in place, and top-stitched

Here's the result after top-stitching

I purchased this eyelet lace trim ($1) & sewed it along the underside 


Voila! An adorable bustier to help beat the heat & look good while doing it. I will be wearing this top in an upcoming outfit post with refashioned bottoms, so stay tuned. -C.C. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011


I remember making friendship bracelets with my best friends back when I wore platform sneakers and wanted to be the sixth member of the Spice Girls. Man those were the good old days. Thankfully platform sneakers died out (except for those butt tightener ones) and the Spice Girls have since disbanded (I still know every song!), but friendship bracelets are back baby and better than ever! They come in so many varieties. Some are leather. Some have hardware parts. Others are really sparkly. It's impossible to pick, or if you're crafty, make just one. Good thing because the trend is all about layering bracelets of all types from forearm to wrist for some real arm candy

Above Photo: Honestly...WTF 

Daniela, a good friend of mine, has debuted a line of fab friendship bracelets that are currently being sold at They come in vibrant colors and are delightfully blingy, which I love. She sent me two, Copacabana and Kendall, and I never want to take them off. Expect my wrists to be adorned with them in my next refashion post. So don't let your arms go naked this summer, stop by the site and buy some for you and all of your friends. -C.C. 





Sunday, July 17, 2011

ReFashion #8

The Trend: Pastels


Tigerlily Southern Silver Top, $78
Nina Ricci Floral Dress, $675
Juicy Couture Multistriped Cardigan, $240

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a relaxing, carefree Sunday before the work week starts back up again. Today I'd like to share a skirt that was refashioned from a dress. Sadly, I have no before pictures because it was something I started before this blog was created. I'm sorry! Just so you have an idea, the before dress had this pretty pastel print of yellow, pink, purple and teal splashed on both the collared, short-sleeve, button down top and the pleated attached skirt. I decided to create a skirt because I thought the pleats were so gorgeous. To construct it, I detached the skirt and inserted an elastic band at the waist. I know that for my last project I told you that bright colors were in style for spring/summer. Don't fret I didn't lie. This pretty palette is trendy for Fall, so go ahead and start incorporating these soft colors into your wardrobe as the seasons transition. -C.C. 

Pastel Floral Dress, Goodwill, $6


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

ReFashion #7

The Trend: Brights


Bright colors popped on the s/s 2011 runway. You can be seen coming from a mile away sporting colors like these. Nothing wrong with that I say. But for those of you that are fearful of looking like a walking highlighter, try wearing a bright statement piece with other nude pieces to tone it down. To represent this trend I found a great Jones New York top in a yellow-orange color (worn backwards in the before pics - woops!). Like my last project, it had shoulder pads that made me feel like a linebacker so I ended up taking them out.  I also chopped off the sleeves and created something like a racerback top. I liked the original shape if the collar, so I kept it. I wore it with a pair of skinny jeans & my fave pair of shoes. Enjoy the rest of your week! -C.C.

Bright Orange Top, Goodwill, $4




Monday, July 4, 2011

ReFashion #6

The Trend: Bold & Graphic 

bold & graphic

Ohne Titel dress, $480

Happy 4th of July to all those in the US! I really hope everyone is enjoying their extra long weekend! I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately. I just couldn't decide where I wanted to go with the design of this project, so I left it alone for awhile. It's a very 80's long-sleeved, button-down number equipped with bulky shoulder pads. I was immediately drawn to it because it reminded me of this Versus dress. Similar right? I've noticed this particular color scheme of blues and blacks in bold prints and patterns on the runway. It's edgy and rock & roll to me. I eventually decided to cut out the shoulder pads, chop off the sleeves, bring in the skirt just a tad, and the hem up a few inches. The end product is a edgy little vest dress. I love the double collar and how the slanting lines of the bodice pop against each other, don't you? The fun after shots were taken in front of an old, broken down double decker bus that's parked near a local bowling alley. I hope you enjoy! -C.C. 

Long-Sleeve Shirt Dress, Goodwill, $6










Also, I wanted to remind you all that ReFashion Statement is on Facebook. There I share previews of my upcoming projects, links to other interesting blogs, DIYs that I enjoy, trend news, and much more. Feel free to stop by to ask questions or leave comments. I truly love being able to interact with my readers in that way.

Friday, June 17, 2011

ReFashion #5

Python is everywhere right now. Burberry is doing it. Roberto Cavalli. Altuzarra. Just pick up a June issue of Vogue and you'll know what I'm talking about. It's not harsh or tacky, but quite toned down and subtle. I happen to love it, so immediately I was on the hunt for anything that resembled a python print at the thrift stores. Eventually, I discovered this burnt orange number with an inner lining that had a snake print. It was much too large at first. Then after much deliberation, I decided to turn it into a tank dress similar to one that I really like by Acne. It has some pleats in the front and a braided back. Without a cinched waist I tend to feel a bit like a blob, so at one point I wore it with a belt. Oh and if you're wondering why it's so smokey in the background of my pics, it's because there are several wildfires burning here in N. Florida and S. Georgia and smoke has filled the air. I thought it had an interesting effect. Hope you like! -C.C.

Printed Dress, Goodwill, $6