Sunday, July 17, 2011

ReFashion #8

The Trend: Pastels


Tigerlily Southern Silver Top, $78
Nina Ricci Floral Dress, $675
Juicy Couture Multistriped Cardigan, $240

Hi everyone! Hope you're having a relaxing, carefree Sunday before the work week starts back up again. Today I'd like to share a skirt that was refashioned from a dress. Sadly, I have no before pictures because it was something I started before this blog was created. I'm sorry! Just so you have an idea, the before dress had this pretty pastel print of yellow, pink, purple and teal splashed on both the collared, short-sleeve, button down top and the pleated attached skirt. I decided to create a skirt because I thought the pleats were so gorgeous. To construct it, I detached the skirt and inserted an elastic band at the waist. I know that for my last project I told you that bright colors were in style for spring/summer. Don't fret I didn't lie. This pretty palette is trendy for Fall, so go ahead and start incorporating these soft colors into your wardrobe as the seasons transition. -C.C. 

Pastel Floral Dress, Goodwill, $6



  1. Such a pretty skirt! And I love the weepy willow tree you are posing under. Those are my fav

  2. Thank you! I love these trees too!

  3. That skirt is really pretty. I love pastels. They are so feminine.

  4. love that skirt to bad their wasn't a before photo :O

  5. new follower - just discovered your blog! this is a beautiful skirt, and i love the way you styled it.

  6. What a gorgeous skirt! I love pastels too

  7. Your skirt is so gorgeous - I love the pleats! I am crazy about pastel shades!

    Lost in the Haze

  8. It's really pretty! I love the pastel colors.

  9. I love how u found those pricey pastel items to compare with. Your skirt is so pretty. Great work.


  10. Christina !!!! This skirt is adorable :) and your skin looks ...flawless! You look like you are glowing :)