Tuesday, August 2, 2011

ReFashion #9

The Trend: The Bustier


Blouson Nior Striped Bra Top w/ Lacing, $360

Marcela Quintanilla: [Abraham is upset about Selena's "Top Outfit"] It's a bustier!
Abraham Quintanilla: Bustiquela? Es un bra!
Marcela Quintanilla: I think she looks cute.

I'm obsessed with bustier tops right now! Not only because they are really cute and tend to come in fun prints, but also because they are perfect for summer weather. It's just been so hot in Florida lately that the only way to get real relief from the heat is to wear clothing that closely resembles undergarments. To get the look I refashioned a bustier tank top that's been sitting in my closet with tags still on it for months. It wasn't thrifted, but I only paid $6 for it. Score! It's made of a faux denim knit fabric. 

Bustier Tank Top, Ross, $6


First I cut it down to the length I wanted. 

Then I zig-zag stitched the raw edge

I folded the edge under, pinned it in place, and top-stitched

Here's the result after top-stitching

I purchased this eyelet lace trim ($1) & sewed it along the underside 


Voila! An adorable bustier to help beat the heat & look good while doing it. I will be wearing this top in an upcoming outfit post with refashioned bottoms, so stay tuned. -C.C. 


  1. Oh my goodness--this is definitely one of my favorite projects that you've done. The detailing is phenomenal! Gorgeous!!

  2. this is amazing I love it!!


  3. I must say I love your blog, super-nice creations (and so clever)!

  4. Thank you Karin! I enjoy your blog as well! :D

  5. that bustier is so adorable! cant wait to see a outfit post with it!


  6. I so admire anyone that can pull of amazing DIY projects...sooo cute!

    Mix and Match Fashion

  7. I think your the beeeeeeeskneeeeeez

  8. Your bustier is soooo adorable! I think this trend is cute, but I don't have the guts to wear it!! :P

  9. This project is SO cute! I had the same DIY notion when I saw the photo from That's Chic, but I clearly can't pull it off. And omg, I totally remember that Selena scene!